Multifamily property has related yet competing priorities which is a common characteristic for many businesses, for instance, balancing the needs of the current residents at the same time finding new residents for vacant apartment homes. For many leasing offices, the current way of managing leads has a lot of weaknesses as it lets too many prospects fall into cracks. This leaves leasing associates with fewer qualified leads and more vacant apartment homes than is desirable.


The industry standard survey estimates between forty to sixty percent calls are missed per day in the property management Texas office of a typical multifamily apartment, that is usually potential customers call before the office is open, after its closed or leasing agent not being able to call because they are with another potential client. In addition, another missed opportunity is not having a systemized way to follow up with people who may be interested in a property or putting too much attention on the property rather than on the person.


Therefore, with better system in place that go hand in hand with today's buyer behavior and that focuses on helping potential customers find the right homes for themselves, you can increase your productivity and increase your lead-lease ratio. However, it starts with spending more time with qualified leads rather than investing too much time in leads that don't fit with your apartment community. There are a number of ways to improve the leasing representatives' efforts which include engaging a well-trained contact center.


Whichever time of the day or night the calls from the prospective renter, emails or chat messages should be answered by someone designated for that work, and engaged in a fruitful discussion. The discussion should be based mainly on the prospects finding the right property management Texas community for them. Productivity will improve because a person-centric contact center can discover the matters most important to the prospective client and schedule tours and showcases accordingly.


It's not unusual for multifamily property to mis-identify leads and hence leverage an intelligent relationship management platform with them. The platform will help agents with lead management because they will be able to easily trace and document their conversations with a prospect. That helps with task management and lead scoring. If you want to learn more about Property Management, you can visit



Finally, better communication and follow up is also very essential. The staff should always get contact information from prospective clients and enquire from them, their preferred method of communication. They should also ask when they are considering moving. A good intelligent relationship management software platform will simply lead management since it turns processes into actions based on automatic triggers. This unifies the entire lead-to-lease process