Property management is the monitoring, controlling and accounting for property and the real estate in general. This is the overall administration in the property management business. Property management can include managing, repairing and maintaining buildings, equipment as well as capital assets. It involves various processes like acquisition, control, maintenance, utilization and accountability.


There several roles in property management. The first role is to manage accounts and finances of the real estate property. Most of these properties's cost must be tracked and budgeting must be forecasted to ensure that the state remains profitable. Litigation or issues involving contracts is a role set aside for a trained attorney managing the property. His role is on tenant law where he will deal with eviction, non-payment as well as contract drafting. There the attorney must be well conversant with the law especially the municipal and counting housing practices. He also deals with insurance where applicable.


Licensing is another role of property management Houston. A real estate license is required in order to provide property management services. For instance property management in Texas require that these companies offering the services be licensed real estate brokers if they are collecting rent, listing property to let and doing inspection as a third party. Owners who manage their own property are not required to have these licenses. For instance property management in Houston which is the most popular city in Texas follows these laws. The only requirement required is a business license but should reside near the apartments.


Another role of a property manager is to repair and maintain physical attributes of the properties. They make sure that the property is performing in top quality condition. This maintenance keeps the tenants happy and also attracts new tenants. All matters concerning repairs must be attended or a qualified electrician, plumber, or carpenter must be hired to attend to them.  For additional facts and information about Property Management, you can go to


A property management company is also responsible for filing taxes. It is the duty of a property manager to help the owner file the taxes or he can file them himself. The taxes must be filed in accordance with law and all other rates associated with land. It is therefore important that the property manger understands the State's law concerning taxes.



In conclusion property management Houston software has been developed which is helping companies to function and perform efficiently in relation to property management. There are also a growing number of these software and they are available online.